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Bertwise Technologies Apart from IT Business and Services is Also committed to Helping people around the world in time of need, This has been there before we had online presence, and now that the world is facing different problems mainly floods, hunger and diseases that can be controlled, we have created this page to help the needy and to create transperency as time goes by to the people who help and show them what our funds and theirs is doing in making the world a better place for everyone some of the help goes to different places in malawi which is in central Africa and is facing floods due to heavy rains, there people have been displaced to schools and churches where they stay for months and the conditions are not good due to overcrowding. Mostly the problems they come due to poor infrastructure which can be sorted if there is help and good communication Examples of Damage Caused and the Needy children who get help help in the long run

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Every little will help to change lives of many: Make all Donations to:

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We thank all in Advance as we are committed to reaching where the need required. All the work Done will be shown on this page Be Blessed.

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